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EFREC 2014-2016

Entrepreneurship for The Responsible European Citizen.

This 2014-2016 Strategic European project is coordinated by the Lycée Privé CCI Nîmes (France), federate 5 schools from 5 different nationalities with English for communication language:

  • The Lycée CCI in Nîmes – France
  • Alta Vidaregaende Skole in Alta – Norway
  • Berufsbildende Schule in Kusel – Germany
  • Björknäsgymnasiet in Boden – Sweden
  • The Athénée Royal in Aywaille – Belgium




EFREC application





In a difficult socio-economic context, where youth unemployment is high, our project has the following main aims:

  • To allow young people to experiment entrepreneurship in an European context and in their own field of study
  • To raise students level of awareness about social entrepreneurship to support inhabitants with specific needs; a focus will be partly on food, linked with health to improve the European citizens well-being
  • To develop linguistic abilities by learning a professional and specific vocabulary
  • To increase students motivation and adaptability to build their own vocational project
  • To reduce the gap between Education and job market


On the students:

  • To gain an entrepreneurial spirit by sharing good practise
  • To find a job easier on the European labourmarket

On the teachers:

  • To discover other working and teaching methods in some different education and business environments in order to increase their skills

For the partnerschools :

  • to gain a business recognition from local companies and from the National Education in each country.     


02/03 au 06/03/2015 NORWAY « Today’s situation » Regions, research products, labeling (Businessidea)
27/04 au 01/05/2015 FRANCE Competition (similar products on the market)
01/06 au 03/06/2015 SWEDEN Transnational meeting
09/11 au 10/11/2015 BELGIQUE Transnational meeting
30/11 au 04/12/2015 ALLEMAGNE Market research (prices, way of distribution, distribution chain, fair trade)
01/02 au 05/02/2016 SWEDEN Marketing (SWOT analysis)
11/04 au 15/04/2016 BELGIUM Business plan
01/06 au 03/06/2016 FRANCE Transnational meeting